Myna Common (Acridotheres tristis) nest – Seychelles

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Myna Common (Acridotheres tristis) nest – Seychelles

This Myna nest under a local school rafter was being predated by two Seychelles Kestrels (see photos of these endemics).

  • Species:Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis)
  • Bird Type:Nest
  • FamilyStarlings, Rhabadornis (Sturnidae)
  • Date Taken20160924
  • Location:Mahe Island
  • Area:Central Seychelles
  • Country:Seychelles
  • Region:All Indian Ocean
Photo File Ref: BIO16206f Myna Common (nest predation by Seychelles Kestrel) 1 Mahe Seychelles Sept16 PH1_8305
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