About this web site.  It is owned and maintained by Peter W. Hills an amateur photographer with a passion for building a collection of bird photographs worldwide.  Peter grew up in the former British colony of Northern Rhodesia now Zambia. His interest in birds was encouraged when his Primary School Headmaster showed him and his lifelong friend, David Bromfield, the book ‘Roberts Birds of Southern Africa’; Peter still has the 1958 edition. Dave is Peter’s “bird guru” and they continue to spend many happy days birding around Southern Africa.  Peter started photography at the age of 10 with a Brownie, in 1963 his first 35mm camera was a Halina but by 2002 bird photography became viable with the launch of the digital SLR camera.  He has since standardised on Nikon.

Peter trained as an instrumentation engineer in the Zambian copper mining industry; later he headed up a range of scientific and technical services. By 1984 he was recruited to the UK when he subsequently worked around the world while undertaking an MBA.  Come 2004 Peter & Sandy relocated to Mumbai India to turn-around an ailing industrial electronics company.  With the job done by late 2013 they returned to the UK and now follow the sun spending time in London and Cape Town but birding wherever it takes them.

Peters photos have been used for company calendars and publicity material for Bombay Natural History Society.   Other organisations using his photos include: The International Crane Foundation, Arkive of Bristol UK, Suara Enggang of the Malaysian Nature Society & Bird Conservation Council, Mr. Cuturilov Srdjan Ornithologist and Collector in Serbia, the Agricultural Agency USA Government, Wetlands International & BirdLife International, Cape Bird Club newsletters, Dr. Rob Little of Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa book ‘Terrestrial Gamebirds & Snipes of Africa’.  The 24April-25May 2017 BIG ISSUE of South Africa published Peter’s profile and 12 bird photos that were given freely to this charity.

We support the following clubs and societies: Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), RSPB Royal Society of Protection of Birds UK, London Wetland Centre, Cape Birding Club & Bird Life South Africa, International Crane Foundation USA.