A basic guide to navigating this Word Bird Photos web site.

At the top of your Browser, usually left, is < this button will take you back to the previous screen > moves you forward.

Upon opening the web site, see top right ‘Horizontal Lines’ this is a pull-down menu listing the following:

Help                            – (navigating the site)
Home                          – (Home Page)
About                          – (Photographer profile) 
Photography               – (equipment used and method)
Links & Citations         – (Citations & Birding tours)
Contacts                      – (contact the photographer)

After the Introduction and Stop Press are the following bird search options:

Select Country: Countries and Regions are listed with numbers. The gaps in numbers are planned for future entries.  The birds photographed in a country or region are shown by ­country or area, Bird Field Guide Page or Plate Number.

Select Species: This selection assembles bird families around the world, e.g. Select Cuckoo and all images with that name will be shown.

Distribution of global species: This is a customised list of a single species that I have photographed in several countries around the Globe. You can achieve the same selection by entering the species name or better still its scientific name.

Select Topic: This selection is mainly for rare species or some of my better photographs (in my subjective opinion). Keep in mind most photos are compressed down from 55 Mb to 350 Kb so some detail will be lost. I retain all my Nikon RAW photos for publication.

Enter any additional search terms here….: Bird name, scientific name, cities etc. can be typed in. Then press Search; repeat Search for each new selection.

How to Search ? – Apart from entering a species Scientific or English name you can enter a Location or Country (or use the specific Select Country menu).  You cannot enter e.g. South African Barbets or Barbets of South Africa but ‘Barbet South Africa’ will list them all.  Use the singular rather than plural of the English Name.  You can enter ‘field guide’, any reference to that name will be presented.  One needs to play with words to see what works for you.

Reset: Pressing this brings you back to the original setting, or use the < Button on the Browser.

Selection of Photos: Each page will contain up to 12 images per view. If there are more than 12 then at the bottom of the page there is > Next Page or < Back to Previous Page.

SLIDESHOW: When a page has been selected it will show a maximum of 12 images.  You can press the SLIDESHOW button; there are arrows < and > on the left and right of the image so that you can move through the pictures back and forth as well as the next page.

Date Convention: – The date is shown as yyyymmdd e.g. 20220701 (1st July 2022)
Photo File Reference: e. g. BOE03202a Duck Tufted 1 Longyearbyen Svalbard, Norway July22 PH850_3728
BOE03202 – refers to the Field Guide Page or Plate Number
a=male, b=female, c=flying, d=non breeding, e=pulli or pullus (chick pre-fledge or juvenile), f=other (nest, etc.), e.g. ac = male in flight.
Bird Name – as stated, family then specific reference.
Photo Quality1 = excellent, 2 = OK, 3 = record, then =male E= endemic etc
LocationArea, Country, Region e.g. All Europe or All Africa South of Sahara, etc.

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