Map Zimbabwe Provinces

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Map Zimbabwe Provinces

This map shows the traditional tribal provinces of Zimbabwe.  All birds entered into the “AREA” section are assigned to their respective provinces.

From 27th March 2023 I toured Zimbabwe and Zambia in my 1929 Morris Minor covering 1,506 miles (2423km) during which time I took the opportunity to photograph as many birds of Zimbabwe as possible.  The most exciting birding was at Seldomseen in the Bvumba, near Mutare (Eastern Highlands of Manicaland) where our amazing guide Bulawezi identified several endemics of the area in challenging rainforest.

  • Species:Map Zimbabwe Provinces
  • Date Taken20230327
  • Area:Provinces
  • Country:Zimbabwe
  • Region:All Africa South of Sahara
Photo File Ref: BOA00011 Map Zimbabwe Provinces April23 IP12_0015
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