Map – Islands on the Edge of Great Britain – expedition 2024

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Map – Islands on the Edge of Great Britain – expedition 2024

We were on an expedition cruise that departed Portsmouth and visited the following islands, many of which we landed and hiked. We disembarked in Aberdeen after 11 days.  Bird photography was challenging from a moving vessel and often light was overcast or drizzling but apparently for the area we had good weather!  I have tried to present a few species of each island.

20240524 IOE – Guernsey

20240525 IOE – Scilly Ils., England

20240526a IOE – Lundy, England

 20240526b IOE – Skoma, Wales

20240526p IOE – Grassholm Ganetary, Wales

20240527 IOE – Rathlin, Northern, Ireland

20240528 IOE – Canna,  Scotland

20240529a IOE – Fingal Cave, Staffa, Scotland

20240529p IOE – Iona, Scotland

20240530a IOE – St. Kilda, Scotland

20240530b IOE – Sea Stack, Scotland

20240531 IOE – Foula Isl., Scotland

20240601 IOE – Lerwick Shetlands, Scotland

20240602 IOE – Fair Isl. Shetlands, Scotland

  • Date Taken20250531
  • Location:Expedition Map
  • Area:Greater Britain
  • Country:England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • Region:EMENA
Photo File Ref: BOE00006 Travel Map Island of Edge, Greater Britain IP12_4841
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