Map and Hieroglyphs Birds of the Nile, Egypt

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Map and Hieroglyphs Birds of the Nile, Egypt

We undertook a 14 day cruise down the Nile from Cairo to Aswan and then a road trip to Abu Simbel.  I took photos of most birds seen on the banks of the Nile and in flight from my cabin balcony.  As we were moving at about 10kph and many of the birds were also moving at 50metres or more away, achieving quality images was a challenge even for my Nikon D850 (46mp) and 520mm lens.  On a few occasions I spotted a few birds while visiting temples.  It was an amazing trip and so educational.

I also photographed as many types of hieroglyphs at the many temples we visited.  I am yet establish the meaning of the Lapwing and Crane as indicated.  What is remarkable is that the Falcon refers to letter “A” and is it a coincidence that raptors such as Kites, Hawks & Eagles family scientific name is Accipitridae and these hieroglyphs are over 5000 years old!

  • Species:Map and Hieroglyphic Birds of the Nile, Egypt
  • Date Taken20231023
  • Location:Nile River Cairo
  • Area:To Abu Simbel
  • Country:Egypt
  • Region:EMENA
Photo File Ref: BOE00006 Birds & Hieroglyphic ~Birds of the Nile Egypt Oct2023 PWH_00012.1
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