Lark Greater Hoopoe (Alaemon alaudipes) – India

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Lark Greater Hoopoe (Alaemon alaudipes) – India

We visited the area specifically to see this bird.  locating it was amazing as there was not a plant on the desert mud and salt flats as far as one could see.  It frequented the tracks created by the occasional vehicle that released moisture and presumably insects.  After seeing a few at distance, we stopped for breakfast and suddenly this rare Greater Hoopoe-Lark perched nearby our jeep!  Note the long bill.

  • Species:Greater Hoopoe-Lark (Alaemon alaudipes)
  • Bird Type:Adult
  • FamilyLarks (Alaudidae)
  • Date Taken20130308
  • Location:Desert Outpost Kharagodha, Little Rann Kuchh
  • Area:Gujarat
  • Country:India
  • Region:indian Sub Continent
Photo File Ref: BSC13405a Lark Greater Hoopoe 1 Little Rann Kuchh Gujarat India Mar13 PH2_3616
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