Woodpecker Ladder-Backed (Picoides scalaris) – Mexico

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Woodpecker Ladder-Backed (Picoides scalaris) – Mexico

When bird spotting and especially bird photography, often one only gets a fleeting glimpse of a specie, this diagnostic photo only shows the ladder pattern on the back.

  • Species:Ladder-Backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris)
  • Bird Type:Male
  • FamilyWoodpeckers (Picidae)
  • Date Taken20160415
  • Location:Yagul Archeological site
  • Area:Near Oaxaca
  • Country:Mexico
  • Region:America Central
Photo File Ref: BCA05501b Woodpecker Ladder-Backed (m) 3 Yagul Archeological site nr. Oaxaca Mexico 15April16La Solidad, to Oaxaca Mexico Apr16 PH2_5759
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