Tailorbird Common (Orthotomus sutorius) pullus in nest – India

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Tailorbird Common (Orthotomus sutorius) pullus in nest – India

20081006  The Tailorbird’s stitched leaf is the perfect nest for the pulls, protected from the elements and out of sight of any predators.  The second egg did not hatch and unfortunately I was not able to see the bird fledge.

I had the unique photo opportunity to monitor the life of the Common Tailorbird.  A dear friend, Sue Khan, informed me that a little bird was nesting in a pot plant in her garden.  This is one of a series of rare photos showing the birds stitching skills, eggs and pulls in the nest recorded over several days.

20200214 Sadly we heard that Sue had passed away after several years of a gallant fight against cancer in USA; condolences to Skaukat and family.

  • Species:Common Tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius)
  • Bird Type:Pulli in nest
  • FamilyCisticolas and allies (Cisticolidae)
  • Date Taken20081006
  • Location:Marine Drive
  • Area:Mumbai
  • Country:India
  • Region:Indian Sub Continent
Photo File Ref: BSC14502e Tailorbird Common (pullus in nest) 1 Mumbai MH India Oct08 PWH_5080H
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