Rail Clapper (Rallus longirostris) Cuba

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Rail Clapper (Rallus longirostris) Cuba

This was a fabulous sighting, the Clapper Rail came out of the reeds on cue caught a small crab then swam into open water which is quite unusual for rails that are real skulkers.

  • Species:Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris)
  • Bird Type:Adult
  • FamilyRails, Crakes & Coots (Rallidae)
  • Date Taken20160325
  • Location:Wetland
  • Area:Cayo Coco
  • Country:Cuba
  • Region:West Indies
Photo File Ref: BWI05805a Rail Clapper 1 Wetland Cayo Coco Cuba Mar16 PH2_9667
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