Prion Salvin’s (Pachyptila salvini) – Continental Shelf, South Africa

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Prion Salvin’s (Pachyptila salvini) – Continental Shelf, South Africa

Birdlife Africa Flock 2022 cruise on MS Orchestra 24-31st January 2022 with 1500 birders from around the world.  Departed Cape Town for Prince Edward (S46o38’39” E37o44’37”)and Marion Island (S46o54’45” E37o44’37”), both South Africa territories.  We  disembarked at Durban.

Second morning at sea, 26th January after leaving Cape Town, sailing out of  SA territorial waters.

The small, fast and darting Prions are notoriously difficult to identify, the most accurate method is the length and shape of the bill.  Any ID Corrections will be most welcome.

  • Species:Salvin's Prion (Pachyptila salvini)
  • Bird Type:Adult in flight - showing above wing detail
  • FamilyPetrels, Shearwaters (Procellariidae)
  • Date Taken20220126
  • Location:Latitude: S 42°16.918' Longitude: E 30°24.130’
  • Area:Southern East Indian Ocean
  • Country:South Africa
  • Region:All Africa South of Sahara
Photo File Ref: BOA02403ac Prion Salvin's 2 South African Continental Shelf RSA - Flock22 Jan22 PH850_9274
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