Kingfisher Woodland (Halcyon senegalensis) – Ethiopia

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Kingfisher Woodland (Halcyon senegalensis) – Ethiopia

There are three races of Woodland Kingfishers: the halcyon senegalensis has a rounded black patch around the eye. The Halcyon cyanoleuca has a eye strip while the halcyon fuscopileus is more difficult to separate as it has a lighter breast.

  • Species:Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegalensis)
  • Bird Type:Adult
  • FamilyKingfishers (Alcedinidae)
  • Date Taken20141201
  • Location:Lake Ziwa
  • Area:Ziwa
  • Country:Ethiopia
  • Region:All Africa South of Sahara
Photo File Ref: BOA27403a Kingfisher Woodland (senegalensis) 1 Lake Ziwa Ethiopia 1Dec14 PH1_0626
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