Guan Horned (oreophasis derbianus) near endemic – Mexico

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Guan Horned (oreophasis derbianus) near endemic – Mexico

The Horned Guan lives in montane forest at altitude up to 3,350 metres. It  makes a variety of sounds; this photo shows the voice box expanded producing a  low frequency booming uhmm, uh’mmm.  It was so exciting to see this rare and endangered species, certainly a special privilege.

  • Species:Horned Guan (oreophasis derbianus)
  • Bird Type:Adult - near endemic
  • FamilyChachalacas, Curassows & Guans (Cracidae)
  • Date Taken20160405
  • Location:El Triunfo Mountain Station
  • Area:South of Tuxtla at 1950m altitude
  • Country:Mexico
  • Region:America Central
Photo File Ref: BCA02308a Guan Horned 1 El Triunfo Mountain Stn, Mexico Apr16 PH2_1769
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