Field Guide – Birds of China

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Field Guide – Birds of China

Birds of China Published by John MacKinnon and Karen Phillips in association with He Fen-qui – Oxford University Press, Published 2000.

August 2016 we toured Quinghai Province and Lhasa Tibet China with Sunbird UK from 20th August to 3rd September. It was mostly overcast and rained often making spotting and photography a challenge.

June 2012 I undertook a short visit to Kaohsiung (south west) Taiwan.  Over the weekend I joined the local Kaohsiung Birding Group at Jung-Liau-Shan forest.  Unfortunately it was an overcast day with poor light.  Also the considerable growth made spotting birds very difficult.  Most pictures taken are ‘recorded sightings’ but the highlight was the Cinamon Bittern in a nest with three pulli.


  • Species:Birds of China
  • Date Taken20000101
  • Country:China, Tibet, Taiwan
  • Region:All China and Associated Territories
Photo File Ref: BOC0000001 Field Guide Birds of China PH3_3005c
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