World Bird Photos
- A Collection of bird photographs worldwide

World Bird Photos is a growing collection, currently over 2,545 species consisting of 8,300 images taken in the field at 36 countries.  The collection was started in 2003; this web site went ‘live’ on 31st May 2015.  As of October 2020 the site has had 1.2 million hits.  It covers birds from: Africa South of Sahara: 10 countries and in some cases their Provinces.  Indian Sub Continent: India & Andaman Islands and Sri Lanka. Southern America: Antarctic, Argentina, Galapagos, Chile, Ecuador & Amazon, Central America: Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico.  China Region: China, Taiwan, Tibet.  Indian Ocean: Madagascar & Seychelles. South East Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. Australasia: Australia, New Zealand Easter Island & Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora etc).  I have only photographed a few birds of Europe (these will be attended over time).

Our objective is to assemble a sequential collection of bird photos related to the various Regional or Country Field Guide books in current use.  In addition, similar  bird families can be selected to make comparisons of species across a region and the world.  Thus the same bird but seen in a different country is posted.  We hope this site becomes a premier reference for all those interested in birds of the world.

The Browser includes a Combined Search with three Selections; pressing GO activates the selection.  The Combined Search is free flow enabling a variety of fields: e.g. Starlings Kenya or city or year and month, e.g. 201611.  Select Topic covers best pictures by Region, Rarity or Endemics.  Select Area lists all countries where birds have been photographed.  Select Common Name: ducks, herons, eagles, sunbirds, buntings etc. Each bird photo details the taxonomy, location, date and in some cases comments on the circumstances and environment.  Click on the picture to view each photo’s data.

Each bird photo file reference number represents the gender (where identifiable), variations in plumage, breeding, non-breeding, in-flight, juveniles, nests etc.  The taxonomy follows the IOC register that is continuously updated from DNA analysis.  The photo file reference lists the bird order in the respective field guide books.  It also gives location, endemic (E), date and a photo quality rating, ‘1’ being best, ‘2‘ OK and ‘3’ diagnostic or a sighting photo record.

Editing is confined to cropping, adjustment of contrast and perhaps slight sharpening but no ‘photo-shopping’. I endeavour to capture the bird’s position from bill to tail so that it closely matches the artist’s illustration in the various bird field guide books.

We intend to expand the collection of bird species as well as continuously improving the quality of images.  We will be satisfied if the photos are a useful aid to Ornithologists, Twitchers and those interested in the wonder of birds. It is hoped that this collection of world bird photos will also benefit researchers and educationalists. The photos may be used for non-commercial purposes on request and are available for commercial requirements.

The Home Page photo was taken in Northern India near the Bhutan and Tibet border at 06:11 on 18 March 2013. (North 27 degs. 2,7, East 92 degs. 25, 1700m altitude), not far from Mount Everest.  The picture of Peter was taken on the bank of the Jia-Bhorali river, Nameri, Assam, India in 2013.