Birds Selected America Central

Covers species from Mexico to Panama.  The Caribbean Islands are listed separately under Birds of the West Indies.

Field Guide – Birds Central America Mexico to PanamaBirding Tracker Map – Costa Rica 28Feb-15March 2016Field Guide – Birds of Costa RicaShearwater Galapagos (Puffinus subalaris) adult feeding, near endemic – MexicoFrigatebird Magnificent (Fregata magnificens) male in flight – MexicoPelican Brown (Pelecanus occidentalis) non breeding & immature – MexicoEgret Snowy (Egretta thula) in flight – MexicoEgret Reddish (Egretta rufescens) – MexicoHeron Agami (Agamia agami) adult – Costa RicaHeron Black-Crowned Night (Nycticorax nycticorax) juvenile – Costa RicaHeron Boat-Billed (Cochlearius cochlearius) – MexicoHeron Great Blue (Ardea herodias) juvenile & croc – Costa RicaHeron Great Blue (Ardea herodias) juvenile taking off – Costa RicaIbis White-Faced (Plegadis chihi) in flight – MexicoDuck Black-Bellied Whistling (Dendrocygna autumnalis) in flight – MexicoVulture Black (Coragyps atratus) adult – MexicoOsprey Western (Pandion haliaetus) male with fish – Costa RicaCaracara Northern Crested (Caracara cheriway) in flight – MexicoCaracara Yellow-Headed (Caracara plancus) adult on cow- Costa RicaFalcon Laughing (Herpetotheres cachinnans) adult – Costa RicaKestrel American (Falco sparverius) – MexicoFalcon Peregrine (Falco peregrinus) in flight – MexicoChachalaca Grey-Headed (Ortalis cinereiceps) adult – Costa RicaGuan Crested (Penelope purpurascens) adult – Cost RicaGuan Horned (oreophasis derbianus) near endemic – MexicoGuan Horned (Oreophasis derbianus) near endemic – MexicoGuan Black (Chamaepetes unicolor) adult – Costa RicaCurassow Great (Crax rubra) male – Costa RicaAvocet American (Recurvirostra americana) non breeding – MexicoKilldeer (Charadrius vociferus) – MexicoGull Laughing (Leucophaeus atricilla) immature in flight – MexicoDove White-Faced Quail (Geotrygon albifacies) endemic – MexicoDove White-Winged (Zenaida asiatica) – MexicoMacaw Scarlet (Ara macao) – Costa RicaCuckoo Squirrel (Piaya cayana) – MexicoOwl Spectacled (Pulsatrix perspicillata) northern pacific race – Costa RicaOwl Black-and-White (Strix nigrolineata) – Costa RicaOwl Bearded Screech (Megascops barbarus) near endemic – MexicoOwl Ferruginous Pygmy (glaucidium brasilianum) – MexicoHummingbird Violet-Headed (Klais guimeti) – Costa RicaCoquette Black-Crested (Lophornis helenae) female – Costa RicaHummingbird Fiery-Throated (Panterpe insignis) – Costa RicaHummingbird White-Eared (Basilinna leucotis) male endemic – MexicoHummingbird Black-Bellied (Eupherusa nigriventris) male – Costa RicaEmerald White-Bellied (Amazilia candida) showing tongue – MexicoEmerald White-Bellied (Amazilia candida) landing at nest – MexicoHummingbird Rufous-Tailed (Amazilia tzacatl) hovering – Costa RicaVioletear Green (Colibri thalassinus) hovering – Costa RicaStarthroat Plain-Capped (heliomaster constantii) endemic – MexicoHummingbird Bumblebee (Atthis heloisa) male, endemic – MexicoTrogon Citreoline (trogon citreolus) endemic- MexicoQuetzal Resplendent (Pharomachrus mocinno) male – Costa RicaJacama Rufous-Tailed (Galbula ruficauda) male – Costa RicaMotmot Rufous (Baryphthengus martii) – Costa RicaMotmot Blue-Crowned (Momotus coeruliceps) head view – Costa RicaToucanet Emerald (aulacorhynchus prasinus) endemic nominate race – MexicoAracari Fiery-Billed (Pteroglossus frantzii) – Costa RicaToucan Keel-Billed (Ramphastos sulfuratus) – Costa RicaToucan Keel-Billed (ramphastos sulfuratus) – MexicoWoodpecker Acorn (Melanerpes formicivorus) – Costa RicaWoodpecker Velasquez’s (Melanerpes santacruzi) male, endemic – MexicoWoodpecker Hairy (Picoides villosus) male – MexicoFlicker Northern (colaptes auratus) male in flight – MexicoTapaculo Silvery-Fronted (Scytalopus argentifrons) female, regional endemic – Costa RicaTyrannulet Northern Beardless (Camptostoma imberbe) – MexicoFlycatcher Common Tody- (Todirostrum cinereum) – Costa RicaFlycatcher Hammond’s (Empidonax hammondii) adult – MexicoFlycatcher Vermilion (Pyrocephalus rubinus) male – MexicoManakin Orange-Collared (Manacus aurantiacus) – Costa RicaWren Giant (Campylorhynchus chiapensis) endemic – MexicoWren Rufous-Naped (Campylorhynchus rufinucha) – MexicoWren Rufous-Naped (Campylorhynchus rufinucha) at nest – Costa RicaFlycatcher Long-Tailed Silky- (Ptilogionys caudatus) male near endemic – Costa RicaGnatcatcher White-Lored (Polioptila albiloris) male endemic – MexicoVireo Yellow-Winged (Vireo carmioli) – Costa RicaThrasher Ocellated (Toxostoma ocellatum) endemic – MexicoSolitaire Brown-Backed (Myadestes occidentalis) adult, endemic – MexicoSolitaire Brown-Backed (Myadestes occidentalis) eggs in nest, endemic – MexicoThrush Spotted Nightingale- (Catharus dryas) male – MexicoThrush Rufous-Collared (Turdus rufitorques) male – MexicoWarbler Wilson’s (Cardellina pusilla) male – Costa RicaWhitestart Collared (Myioborus torquatus) near endemic – Costa RicaWarbler Red (Cardellina ruber) adult, endemic – MexicoWarbler Pink-Headed (Cardellina versicolor) adult, endemic – MexicoWarbler Rufous-Capped (Basileuterus rufifrons) salvini race, endemic – MexicoWarbler Rufous-Capped (Basileuterus rufifrons) endemic – Costa RicaHoneycreeper Red-Legged (Cyanerpes cyaneus) male – Costa RicaHoneycreeper Red-Legged (Cyanerpes cyaneus) male – MexicoEuphonia Yellow-Throated (Euphonia hirundinacea) male, endemic – Costa RicaTanager Summer (Piranga rubra) male – MexicoTanager Summer (Piranga rubra) female – MexicoCardinal Northern (Cardinalis cardinalis) male – MexicoGrosbeak Rose-Breasted (Pheucticus ludovicianus) female – MexicoGrosbeak Mexican (Pheucticus chrysopeplus) male – MexicoGrosbeak Black-Headed (Pheucticus melanocephalus) male – MexicoGrosbeak Blue (Passerina caerulea) male – Costa RicaBunting Rose-Bellied (Passerina rositae) male endemic – MexicoBunting Orange-Breasted (Passerina leclancherii) male endemic – MexicoBunting Painted (Passerina ciris) male, near endemic – MexicoTowhee White-Throated (Melozone albicollis) endemic – MexicoGrassquit Yellow-Faced (Tiaris olivaceus) male – Costa RicaFlowerpiercer Slaty (Diglossa plumbea) male – Costa RicaSparrow Song (Melospiza melodia) mexicanus race – MexicoGrackle Great-Tailed (Quiscalus mexicanus) male – Costa RicaOriole Spot-breasted (Icterus pectoralis) endemic – Costa RicaOriole Baltimore (Icterus galbula) male – MexicoCacique Mexican (Cacicus melanicterus) endemic – MexicoBlackbird Red-Winged (Agelaius (phoeniceus) male endemic – MexicoSiskin Yellow-Bellied (Carduelis xanthogastra) – Costa RicaCrow Large-Billed (Corvus macrorhynchos) adult – Andaman Islands
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